Hugh’ve Been Framed!

Curran Still A TV Magnet

Scandinavian TV has provided us with images of a heroic, blood-soaked Terry Butcher, a bemused Nigel Clough receiving instructions when being sent on as a substitute by Graham Taylor and the delirious words of a Norwegian commentator describing a ‘hell of a beating’ for England. In a more understated way, Wolves won hearts and minds on the other side of the North Sea when they beat Sunderland 40 years ago today in the first English game ever to be broadcast live over there.

Wembley Heartache Lingers

Mason’s One Regret In Golden Career

Almost 50 years on, Bobby Mason still finds difficulty in talking about his exclusion from Wolves’ 1960 FA Cup final side. The former inside-forward is an engaging host and has two League Championship triumphs and Charity League success to reflect happily on. But not even a winners’ medal and a miniature replica of the Cup from Wolves’ Wembley date against Blackburn can mask the personal disappointment he felt despite the club’s 3-0 victory.

A True Star Signing!

JR Joins Forces With Wolves Heroes

John Richards, one-time Wolverhampton Wanderers leading goalscorer and later their managing director, has been signed up by Wolves Heroes as a partner. The legendary former Molineux striker will be on board with us from the start of next month to lend a major hand in both our editorial output and on the marketing side.

Job Fit For A King

Sick-bed Visit Sealed Surprise Switch

Andy King has been offered a surprise new foothold in the game – by a man he helped on his way a decade and a half ago. The mid-1980s Wolves midfielder was low on luck and high on anxiety when the figure from his past reappeared in his life this summer to considerably lift his spirits.

Way Back When

The Road To Success

A Wolves supporter in the Western Australia capital Perth once named various rooms in his house after club legends of the 1950s. Much closer to the West Midlands, in England at least, another supporter cut to the chase and simply called his home Molineux.

Galley An Instant Success

The Deadliest Of Debutants

Long before ‘impact’ players were ever spoken of, John Galley was busy making dramatic instant impressions. As a Rotherham United centre-forward, he scored a hat-trick against Coventry on his debut, then he hit three goals at Huddersfield in his first game for Bristol City.

What Doddy Did Next

Defender’s New Career Is Well And Truly Built

There’s laid-back, then there’s Alan Dodd. So blasé was the former defender about life as a professional footballer that he once thought twice about coming down off a house roof to answer a call to play in a prestige fixture! “I’ve always been interested in building and house renovation and used to dabble in it going back to my time at Stoke,” he said.

Curtains After A Clash With Cullis

Winger Reveals Molineux Fireworks

It’s part of the rich tapestry of Molineux life that Bill Slater and Dennis Wilshaw, two of the cornerstones of Wolves’ phenomenal 1950s success, were never anything more than part-time players. The duo, to the occasional frustration of Stan Cullis, were footballers only when their teaching jobs allowed them to be.

Richards, Bailey, Slater honoured

Trio Stride Proudly Into Hall Of Fame

John Richards, his long-time captain Mike Bailey and 1960 FA Cup-winning skipper Bill Slater are the latest additions to Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Hall Of Fame. The trio totalled more than 1,250 League and cup games for the club and follow last week’s inductees Bert Williams and Peter Broadbent in being honoured.

Proud Scot Willie Has ‘Green’ Link

Irish Eyes For Midfielder

Willie Carr will be rooting for the Republic of Ireland in the forthcoming World Cup play-off games – and not just because he sides with all the home nations. The diminutive former Molineux midfielder, although born in Glasgow, has Irish blood from each of his parents’ families and could have found himself with a dilemma had he been playing now.