UEFA Final 1972: Now Bernie’s Got It Taped!

Success At Last In Search For Something For The Kids

We at Wolves Heroes have been delighted to help out with a favour for Bernard Shaw’s family by tracing a valuable keepsake from the full-back’s substantial Molineux career. For several years, his offspring had been asking us to contact them if ever we came by footage of the 1972 UEFA Cup final against Tottenham.

Jack A Giant Among Stars

Farewell To The Man Who Carried The Utmost Authority

It’s one of the necessary sadnesses of football’s fair-play stance that we never got to see Jack Taylor at work much in these parts. The son of Wolverhampton’s best-known butcher was understandably considered too close geographically to be allocated big occasions at Molineux (the field of his boyhood dreams), The Hawthorns and other West Midlands venues.

In-And-Out Booth Still A Major Player

Reflections of Molineux Double Title Winner

It says everything about Wolves’ playing strength in their glory years that a player as talented as Colin Booth was never able to nail down a place for more than a dozen successive first-team games with them. And, even when he achieved that level of presence, the sequence straddled the end of one season and the start of the next. Booth not only helped the club win two League titles and collect some prize scalps from across the continent, he played a part in building the pedestal on which they sat for years.

Dear Diary, Entry 11

Meetings Aplenty Of Old Friends

Saturday, June 23: Met up again with four former Wolves players – dating back more than 60 years – by attending the launch of Nigel Sims’ autobiography at Villa Park. As well as the man himself, who made his Wanderers debut near the end of their FA Cup-winning season of 1948-49, the occasion was attended by Malcolm Finlayson, one of his goalkeeper successors at Molineux, Johnny Walker and Bobby Thomson. Johnny didn’t let us down….he burst into song at one point during the q and a, as he is inclined to do! Also in attendance were five of Sims’ ex-Villa team-mates, namely Alan Deakin, Harry Burrows, Ron Wylie, Jimmy McEwan and Jackie Sewell.

Life Never A Drudge For ‘Crudge’

Released Keeper Became A Record Breaker

As someone who played football in four different decades, and so diversely as to have served under Ronnie Allen and Tommy Docherty and to have faced Paul Gascoigne and GaryLineker, Geoff Crudgington stands out proudly as someone with a story to tell. All the more so for this website as he was born in Wolverhampton and spent several years at Molineux without playing a single senior game there.

Farewell To Star Who May Have Achieved Even More

Wolves A Rare Blip On Glittering Career

Harsh though it may appear as a means of describing a player who represented his country, was part of a legendary Celtic squad and set major goal-scoring landmarks along the way but Joe McBride’s career was often a case of ‘If only……’ The 74-year-old Glaswegian died last week following a suspected stroke, his career having made waves north and south of the border – alas, not at Wolves.

Back In The Swing

New Initiative Sparks a Tee Time Rush

Former Molineux team-mates are to turn the clock back this autumn by reintroducing the Ex Wolves Charity Golf Day. Oxley Park is to stage the event on Monday, September 24, and it already looks likely that teams will have to be turned away.

Stars Of The Airwaves

Former Colleagues Found A New Audience

Billy Wright and Derek Dougan may have set the standard as former Wolves players who successfully sought pastures new in the broadcasting world but the trail from Molineux to the studio didn’t end there. Alun Evans and Ken Knighton were Wanderers colleagues in the mid-1960s and went on to appear as regulars on shows in different parts of the world.

Waggy – True Wizard Of The Wing

Festive Treat We Savoured For 12 Years

Q: I believe your arrival at Molineux was something of an eye-opener? (From JR) A: I was sold by the Manchester City manager George Poyser, who had scouted for Wolves many years earlier. It was Boxing Day, 1964. I signed at 12 noon and played at 3pm!

A Fond Meeting 40 Years On

Time For Pre-Dinner Drinks!

Graham Hawkins has had a first meeting in decades with a former Molineux colleague as he prepares to take centre stage at another of his old clubs. Hawkins hosts a charity dinner at Shrewsbury Town tomorrow night and slipped into the mood for nostalgia when Wolves Heroes lined up a coffee-shop reunion in Shropshire between he and Ian Wallace.

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