New Year, New Addition

Another Improvement On The Way

Johnny Hancocks.
Johnny Hancocks.

Not wishing to rest on our laurels, we are planning another new area on Wolves Heroes early in 2014.

Like the Christmas presents, we will keep it under wraps for now, suffice to say that we feel it will be welcomed by our loyal followers as an excellent point of reference and an interesting talking point.

We are already working away towards having it in place in a few weeks’ time and underlining our status as one of the premier football nostalgia websites.

Since our launch well over five years ago, we have added several new sections on here, including one all about managers, another devoted to question-and-answer interviews with players, a summary and brief biography of Wolves’ Hall of Fame inductees and even a chronological list of all the players ever to have appeared in League football for the club.

The start of a year seems as good a time as any to make such additions, so please make sure you continue to visit us regularly to see what we are up to.

We trust this new area will be every bit as popular as the existing ones and look forward to presenting it for our readers’ perusal the other side of what for most (but probably not us!) is the festive break.

We even plan to post on here on Boxing Day – well, that is a big day on the sporting calendar, after all, and if the rest of the nation is thinking football, why wouldn’t we follow suit?

Kenny Hibbitt.
Kenny Hibbitt.

Just by way of a teaser, we can reveal that the two men pictured on this page are sure to figure in the new section, along with other great names from Molineux’s rich past.

The usual supply of regular news items will continue in the meantime, of course. We try not to sacrifice our bread-and-butter output when we busy ourselves with something new.