Dear Diary Entry 46

New Season, New Jobs

Monday, July 6: Am indebted to Vince Bartram for updating me on a snippet of news that had passed me by – namely that our good friend Rob Kelly is back in work, this time as assistant head coach to Leeds. Made a mental note to send Rob, who turned 50 just before last Christmas, a good-luck text before the start of the season,

Pride Of The Clans

Fond Memories Of ‘Uncle Tommy’

Nothing pleases us more than to be approached by long-lost relatives or friends of Wolves favourites, especially those who are seeking our help in re-connecting them. We will be writing soon about just such an email that we have received out of the blue regarding a 1960s coach and we are happy in the meantime to share some memories of a football fan who got in touch with us to offer and seek information of a 1950s Molineux reserve from north of the border.

Denno On Wing – And A Prayer

Pedal Power Journey To Charity Goal

We at Wolves Heroes wish to add our own ‘good luck’ message to Robbie Dennison as he continues his gallant push for charity on the other side of the Irish Sea. But it’s not in his native country that he is going through the pain barrier but across the border in the Republic, where Wolves have been found in pre-season build-ups on several occasions over the last decade and a half.

Des Horne: 1940 – 2015

A Unique Place In Molineux History

It’s at times like this when you are thankful for the opportunities; thankful, in our case, that we were able to meet Des Horne at some length during what proved to be his final visit to England.

Death Of Des Horne

Sad News From South Africa

We at Wolves Heroes wish to our own condolences to those already made following the passing away of Des Horne. The 1960 FA Cup finalist, with whom we felt privileged to be granted an exclusive double audience when he visited these shores in 2009, passed away in his native South Africa at the age of 75.

A King Among Magazines

Quality Accolades To 1980s Molineux Midfielder

We at Wolves Heroes never tire of reading the excellent Backpass publication or using these columns to promote it. ‘Best football magazine on the market’ and ‘Collect every issue; can’t wait for the next one’ are among the comments we have heard from our readers, who will, as usual, find loads of Wolves content in the latest offering.

Starring For The Other Wanderers

Wharty A Hit In White Also

Our readers will know we occasionally like to tell the stories of Wolves favourites from their time at other clubs – and Terry Wharton’s career offers plenty such opportunity. For a start, he was signed for Notts County by Tommy Lawton, played a substantial number of games at Wolves under the management of Ronnie Allen and had his Bolton stay overseen by Nat Lofthouse. No wonder he was responsible was for plenty of goal heroics, then!

Cooke’s Tour – At Home And Abroad

Half A Century On And Still Going Strong

As a grammar school lad in the 1960s, I pined to play for the Wolves. Little did I realise that, at that very time, there was a youngster wearing a no 3 shirt in the Wolves second team who was living that dream. David Cooke, the very blond left-back that supporters of a certain generation will remember so well as a fixture in the Central League side, had the pick of many clubs to join, among them Manchester United.

A Fine Mess You Have Got Us Into, Stanley

Cullis In Kenilworth Road Doghouse

If you thought managers didn’t blow their top in the days before they were given a technical area to roam around and a fourth official to use as a verbal punch-bag, think again. Even a devout church-goer like Stan Cullis, with his well-known aversion to swearing and from an era when the game might often have been regarded as more gentlemanly, did not lead a life exclusively above the red mist.

Vince On The Ultimate Pre-Season Trip

A Sun-Kissed Adventure With The ‘Legends’

Vince Bartram has reported for pre-season training with an extra summer glow – thanks to a sunshine trip part-organised by one of his Molineux predecessors. The former Molineux keeper is recently back from a soon-to-be-televised legends tournament in the Caribbean, where he represented Arsenal against contemporaries from several of the country’s other leading clubs.