Golden Memories Of Our Golden Boys

Fifty Years On……A Different Take

We couldn’t let the golden anniversary of England’s only World Cup finals triumph pass unrecognised on this site and, helped by an outstanding BBC Radio 5 Live documentary last night, have come up with the following memories of this country’s greatest football occasion…..some of them Molineux-related and others observations that might have been forgotten or overlooked by the masses.

Reunited – And It Feels So Good

‘Replay’ Brings The Perfect Result
Sometimes, in our quest for interesting content for this site, we don’t have to look very hard. Stories just seem to fall into our lap. One such example is that provided by a late 1970s Wolves hopeful, a man about whom we have written several times in recent years.

Heading For New Horizons

Beyond The Alps……Will Wolves Set A New Travel Trend?

Who knows where Wolves’ summer travels will take them in future following their spectacular Chinese takeover? After all, Leicester’s Thai owners didn’t wait until the club’s scarcely believable title conquest to whisk the squad off to the Far East – they went at the end of 2014-15 as a forerunner to their champions’ lap-of-honour return visit in May.

China, Chung And Chugging Off Home – A Chat With Charlie!

Meeting JR, Nearly Half A Century On

On the day that we fully absorbed the headlines of Wolves’ dramatic Chinese takeover, we staged a mini international event of our own by bringing together this site’s co-owners and our far-flung most ardent supporter. Charles Bamforth had never previously met John Richards – or at least he told us so before asking if there was any chance of a three-way gathering during his current month and a bit in the UK from his home in Sacramento.

Press Box Veteran Opens Up

John Dee In Print To Celebrate His 50 Years Of Reporting

Given that John Dee spent five mid-1970s years covering Wolves for the Express & Star and then became close friends with Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins on the international snooker circuit, he was never going to be short of material for the book he has written on his 50 years in journalism. The author deputised for and then took over from Phil Morgan, the man who had been lucky enough to be the paper’s Molineux correspondent for almost a quarter of a century, and has stories worth telling….

A Fleeting Glimpse Of Garnham

Keeper Opted For The Overseas Life

It’s not only Maurice Daly from the 1970s Molineux who found a new life for himself in Sweden. A little-known goalkeeper from the era did likewise and, as usual, Charles Bamforth was the man we detailed to track him down. He didn’t disappoint…..

Lofty……..loyal, local and loved

Nostalgic Thoughts Of Top-Guy Keeper

Meeting up with Phil Parkes is always a pleasure. His views never fail to be forthright, heartfelt and entertaining. John Richards was not disappointed when he posed the questions put forward by our readers…..

Taylor ‘Selfish’ For Cosying Up To Film Crew – Lawrie

Assistant’s Pop Over Infamous Documentary

We preceded our month-long focus on all things French, international or Euro by saying we would be dipping into Lawrie McMenemy’s autobiography for a second time and thought we would sign off on final day by revealing some interesting thoughts he has aired on Graham Taylor. The two worked together with England from soon after Italia 90, with the newly-appointed national manager saying that the former Coldstream Guardsman would provide him with some broad shoulders on which to lean in tough times.

A First Wolves Glimpse Of Ronaldo

And It Wasn’t At Old Trafford!

So where did Wolves first encounter Cristiano Ronaldo, the man who is increasingly lighting up Euro 2016? It wasn’t, as might be expected, during his phenomenal Manchester United career, which was still in its infancy when the visiting fans jokingly chanted ‘You signed the wrong Ronaldo’ during the 1-0 defeat suffered by Dave Jones’s side at Old Trafford in the early weeks of their first Premier League adventure.

Keeping Beckham In The Shade

Deano’s Days In The Sun

It was while he was still at Molineux that Dean Richards used various interviews to neatly chronicle some of the highlights of his Wolves career. Playing brilliantly against Dwight Yorke in a League Cup tie at Aston Villa ranked high, so did subduing Terry Sheringham in a drawn FA Cup assignment at Tottenham two and a half weeks further into the embryonic Mark McGhee era. And didn’t he keep another of the Premier League’s biggest hitters quiet in a pre-season friendly?

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