What A Turnaround!

Barnwell Was Up For Revolutionary Pitch Plan

You may initially assume this is a story we intended to publish on the first day of this month rather than one towards the end of it. But the subject matter is true – or at least we have every reason to believe it is.

Memories Of Tragic Adversary

Parkin On Leeds, Hunter And Appearance Records

Imagine Derek Parkin having stayed for another three or four years at Wolves….and spent those seasons playing 35 or so games a time. Imagine, too, his total of Wolves appearances – a club record as it is at a cool 609 – shooting up to around the 740 mark and still being surpassed by three team-mates.

Mick Eyes Major Milestone

Spotlight On Managers with Staying Power

Football’s hibernation has led to a reminder and underlining of some of the highly familiar names on the list of longest-serving managers of all time. With the current absence of matches, newspapers are digging considerably deeper to fill their sports pages – and an exclusive Mick McCarthy interview in the Daily Mail came accompanied by a revealing league table of those who have managed in 1,000-plus matches.

Keeper Coach Still Rolling On

‘Pistol Pete’ Fires Off His Molineux Memories

Peter Williams arrives for our pre-lockdown meeting with the news that he has just been in phone contact with David Kelly – and has a looming appointment with Paul Darby.. “They both send their regards,” he announces with a cheeriness and familiarity that, typically of football people, cuts through the potential awkwardness of it having been more than 30 years since we met.

What A Way To Prepare!

Beattie The Fall Guy Of Planning Madness

Conscious as we are that the mood sometimes needs lightening these days, we are happy to bring readers a humorous fresh insight into a former Wolves manager – as provided by another ex-Molineux boss. We will, for now, keep the identity of the writer secret, although you may soon guess who he is.

Powell: My Portland Pride

Withe And Others Honoured, Too

Barry Powell is among a sizeable group of former Wolves players waiting to learn whether their induction to a distant hall of fame is going to lead to another nostalgic reunion. We have made several previous references on these pages to the success achieved 45 years ago by a Portland Timbers side packed with West Midlands talent.

A Gong For Europe

Goal-Hungry Wolves Keep Their Eyes On The Big Prize

Wolves should have been playing at Villa last weekend and, in normal circumstances, would have been welcoming Arsenal to Molineux this Monday. Boy, this inactivity is biting. So is it time to give the pot a stir and keep things bubbling for when the action does finally resume?

‘Gardening’ Leave For The Richardses

Sunshine Cure For Family Disappointment

John Richards is maintaining a characteristically cheerful outlook to life under lockdown, although it has cost he and his wife Pam a special family trip across the world. The couple should have been in Australia now, helping their eldest daughter Kim and her husband retrace some important steps.

Dear Diary Entry 102

Still Haunted By Echoes Of The Past

Saturday, March 7: Wolves still have a disproportionate amount of trouble when facing Brighton. Decades on from when they were a definite bogey side and nearly seven years since they drove the final nail into the Molineux relegation coffin for the second time, they continue to be problematic opponents.

Air-Lift In The Nick Of Time

Goulds Home – With A Tale To Tell

Bobby Gould has revealed how he and his wife almost became lockdown cases on the other side of the world. As we suggested in an article in October, they spent three winter months in New Zealand but their stay was nearly extended by around the same again by the coronavirus.

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