Knowles On Film

Question Time For Reluctant Star

An early picture of Peter Knowles as a Wolves first-teamer.

Interesting footage has surfaced of Peter Knowles taking part in a q & a session.

The Molineux idol is seen in a shirt and red tie as he is interviewed by two young lads in front of what appears to be a small invited audience.

Knowles has always shied away from such gatherings since breaking tens of thousands of hearts by retiring at 23 to concentrate on his religion.

So we can only assume there is a connection that enabled the youngsters, one of whom gives his age as seven and has a Wolves badge on his top, to have this privileged access.

In the background as the trio sit at a table are photos of the player scoring his first senior goal at Molineux, wearing one of his England shirts and caps and shaking hands with brother Cyril before a Spurs v Wolves game at White Hart Lane.

A ‘rolling’ monitor also has images of him on his wedding day, signing autographs and waving to fans on the day of his last game, carrying out his Jehovah’s Witness work, out with his team-mates both in a bar and on the Waterloo Road enclosure with the guitar-strumming John Holsgrove, and at Kenny Hibbitt’s testimonial match.

The questions to him are predictably gentle – about his schooling, what age he started playing football, what position he played in, whether he was ever sent off and which teams he followed in his formative years.

“I supported Leeds because I lived near there and then I supported Spurs,” he said. “When I came down here, I supported Wolves. I still do and always hope they do well.”

Knowles explained how he had been recruited by the club at 16 and worked his way through the junior sides and reserves to the first team.

He spoke of playing for the England under-18 and under-23 sides and added: “It would have been interesting because, if I had carried on, I may have been playing for the full team.”

The awe they felt at seeing his England photo was obvious and he also flipped over the one showing his home debut goal against Bolton to reveal a picture of one of the three that made up his hat-trick against Carlisle in the 1965-66 season.

How the masses fondly remember him.

The two lads, impeccably mannered and with their hair neatly combed, thank their audience and guest at the end of the short film and elicit polite applause.

As for Peter, he looks at ease and, despite the grey hair and glasses, we are left to reflect once more on how well he looks for someone approaching his mid-70s.

We are informed by one of our readers that the q & a session is now on You Tube.

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