It’s Out – And Hitting The Spot

Hot-Off-Press Publication Offers A Spectacular Look Back

Stirring menories of an epic decade….

David Instone’s eye-catching new book all about Wolves in the 1970s is now available to supporters.

The author has promised to donate 75 per cent of any profits to charity and has been thrilled by the initial response to the publication.

“I have never had such positive feedback to any of the 15 or so Wolves books I have written,” he said. “It is very gratifying to hear and see what fans have had to say about it in the first few days and makes us very encouraged that it is going to sell out.

“We have gone for a small print run and have cut out all shop and Amazon sales, so it can only be bought from us. We have done the figures and can see a clear path to supporting some excellent causes in a substantial way.

“We also want to be transparent and publicise who we are able to support – hopefully in time for it to be a nice Christmas gift for them.

“We will also reprint if the demand is there and would love to think that supporters would see it as a nice fesive present for family members or friends – we are able to provide personalised, autographed copies for no extra charge, if requested.”

The £16.99 publication bears the dimensions of a coffee table book and has colour on every one of its 160 pages. More than 400 photos, many of them exclusive, are threaded into the season-by-season text, which also contains some new observations on a thrilling period for the club.

The exciting journeys in the League Cup, FA Cup and UEFA Cup are given a special spotlight, with the book starting at the beginning of the 1969-70 campaign and ending with the final day of 1979-80, a few weeks after Wembley glory.

Please hit the ‘contact’ button above right to find the highlighted address to register an interest in ‘A Wolves 1970s Scrapbook’, or simply email

An extra £3 will be charged for p&p but every effort will be made to hand over copies on Molineux match days to reduce the cost to fans.

John Hendley, as featured in the Backpass magazine.

The book has been dedicated to two much-loved and much-missed Wolves characters, late historians Graham Hughes and John Hendley.

One experienced buyer has already likened it, in content and appearance, to Bert Williams’s highly popular piublication, ‘Cat In Wolf’s Clothing.’

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