Job Done…..Thanks, Hugh!

Dean’s Gratitude Over Shirt That’s Soaring In Value

Just there if you would, please, Hugh……under Jim McCalliog’s.

Dean Edwards has secured the signature of his first football hero and is hoping to repay the favour – and more – in the coming months.

The 60-year-old was delighted to add the autograph of Hugh Curran to the replica shirt that marks his early devotion to the Molineux cause.

The former Scottish striker’s imprint on the treasured item comes in addition to those of a cluster of other Wolves players from the period, leaving Edwards with the question of how to now return the compliment.

“I used to love watching Hughie play here and think he scored in the first Wolves game my dad ever took me to,” he said. “He became a hero to me immediately – to be surpassed only by King John (Richards)!

“Hugh was a really good player who I was later to learn was unlucky not to win more Scottish caps than he did.

“Through Facebook, I engaged with his family and asked if it would be possible for me to put the jersey in the post, with the appropriate stamped addressed envelope, for him to sign.

“He has a few memory problems, sadly, like a few players from that era but he autographed it and made me even more proud of it.

“I have told his family they can have a break on me down at the place in Torquay that I rent out and I have been saying for a while that I would also like to take a couple of the lads, like Phil Parkes and Steve Daley, down to see him in Oxfordshire.”

The shirt is not the only prized Wolves item in Edwards’ possession. He also has a heavily signed early 1970s team photo that was presented by his uncle to him when he was in hospital recovering from a hernia operation.

“I had seen every home game of the 1971-72 season but had to miss the big one against Leeds right at the end,” he added.

Dean Edwards with the much-missed Graham Hughes at Molineux.

“My uncle knew I was upset to miss it and kindly got the autographs on the photo for me. Receiving that and following Wolves’ win on hospital radio (how times have changed!) really picked me up and helped my recovery.

“I have just become a grandfather for the first time and these treasured keepsakes, plus the programme from the UEFA Cup final, are something that will be handed down eventually to little Luca, who lives down here in Torquay. He has a choice ahead of him because he qualifies to play for Italy, Wales or England. I just need to find some Brazilian ancestry now!”

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