An Impressive Roll Call

Welcome to one of the newer areas of the Wolves Heroes website.

Here, we not only list every player who has appeared in a League match for the club but also the order in which they did so.

For example, this is the place to learn that a few well-known and not-so-well-known men, such as Maurice Daly and Brian Caswell, have special niches in Wolves history that they presumably knew nothing about.
In 1975, Daly became the 600th man to be given a League debut by the club while the on-loan Caswell clocked in as the 700th more than a decade later.

Please take a slow trawl through to see the entire order but bear in mind that, if you are revisiting this area, we may have made alterations since you last looked owing to a recount and the eagle eye of our checkers, Donald Noble in Coventry and more recently southern-based Scott Pritchard, whose website is well worth a visit.
We stress that the list refers to League games only, not any of the cups, and stretches back nearly 130 years to when Wolves were one of 12 proud founder members of the competition.

The first 11 names given are the side who faced Aston Villa in a 1-1 home draw on September 8, 1888. Thereafter, players are added in the order in which they were blooded in the team. If two or more debuts came in the same game, we have first listed the man who would have come first in the traditional announcing of the line-up (ie a right-back comes before a left-half, a centre-half before a centre-forward etc).
Substitute outings count in our list, so there are some like Richard Smith and goalkeeper Graham Stack who appear, although they never started a League match for Wolves.
At the bottom of this post, we also list, in alphabetical order, the name of every player ever to have made a League appearance for the club. If you think we have omitted anyone, please contact us as soon as possible.
1Jack Baynton
2Dickie Baugh
3Charlie Mason
4Albert Fletcher
5Harry Allen
6Arthur Lowder
7Thomas Hunter
8Jeremiah Cooper
9Nick Anderson
10Walter White
11Alfred Cannon
12John Benton
13David Wykes
14Thomas Knight
15Harry Wood
16Jack Brodie
17Billy Rose
18Thomas Tomkyes
19Robert Dudley
20Walter Perry
21Arthur Worrall
22Charles Booth
23Jeremiah Mason
24Walter Oldershaw
25Tom Johnson
26Hillary Griffiths
27Jack Pickerell
28Samuel Thomson
29Jack Bowdler
30Joe Davies
31Hubert Rutter
32Ike Griffiths
33Dick Topham
34Tommy Dunn
35George Kinsey
36Charlie Baker
37Will Devey
38Joe Heath
39James Burleigh
40George Swift
41Billy Malpass
42Claude Bradley
43Herbert Bailey
44James Johnston
45Joe Hassall
46Joe Butcher
47Joe Lawrence
48Alf Griffin
49George Woodhall
50Frank Wilson
51Harry Haynes
52David Black
53Bill Owen
54Bob Edge
55David Robson
56Jack Hamilton
57John Bell
58George Fleming
59Archie Brocksopp
60Charlie Reynolds
61Frank Lester
62Jack Roberts
63Dan Nurse
64Harry Crump
65Charlie Henderson
66Billy Beats
67Joe Tonks
68Tommy Green
69Jack Swallow
70Walter Bunch
71Jack Miller
72Billy Tennant
73George Eccles
74Alf Nicholls
75Ted Pheasant
76Billy Smith
77Joe McMain
78Joe Lyden
79Tom Baddeley
80Joe Blackett
81Jack Matthias
82Jack Chadburn
83George Harper
84George Harris
85Wally Tuft
86Harry Davies
87Jack Smith
88Frank Greatwich
89Dicky Davies
90Tom Worton
91Walter Annis
92Fred Platt
93Trevor Owen
94Jack Bryan
95George Bowen
96Bob Colley
97Jim Poppitt
98George Walker
99Bill Howell(s)
101George Barker
102Harvey Pope
103Joe Jones
104Jackery Jones
105Jack Whitehouse
106Adam Haywood
107Archie Fellows
108Walter Swift
109Henry Preston
110Richmond Gwilliam
111Harry Rowbotham
112Jack Dean
113James Stringer
114Dick Betteley
115Jack Smith
116Joe Holyhead
117Albert Baynham
118Jack Walker
119Fred Bevin
120Eric Smith
121Charlie Pilsbury
122Eli Juggins
123Billy Layton
124Walter Williams
125John Hopkins
126Tommy Lunn
127Arthur Veysey
128Sid Grosvenor
129Dave Walker
130Tom Raybould
131George Williams
132Albert Henshall
133John Stanley
134Frank Pope
135Reggis Boon
136Harry Hughes
137Ernie James
138Archie Breakwell
139Archie Goodall
140Sid Corfield
141Jack Pedley
142Harry Wilkes
143Arthur Lloyd
144Wally Radford
145Jim Gorman
146Alfred Bishop
147George Hedley
148Sammy Ward
149Archie Hawkins
150John Roberts
151James Horace Jones
152Rev Kenneth Hunt
153Percy Corbett
154Arthur Price
155Ted Collins
156Billy Harrison
157Sid Holt
158George Bould
159Jack Shelton
160Archie Cartwright
161Bill Callanan
162Walter Ferres
163Billy Jeavons
164Wally Fownes
165Tommy Metcalf
166Jimmy Mason
167Ben Wake
168Arthur Tatem
169Charlie Payne
170Bert Hoskins
171Wally Harris
172Arthur Arrowsmith
173Arthur Conway
174George May
175Billy Blunt
176Arthur Pemble
177Jimmy Hardware
178Jack Gregory
179Bill Perrett
180Bert Shinton
181Frank Boxley
182George Garratly
183Jimmy Hill
184Albert Groves
185Jack Needham
186Alf Walker
187Archie Needham
188Billy Micklewright
189Enoch Deakin
190Harry Jones
191Sammy Brooks
192Billy Halligan
193Harry Parsonage
194Tommy Yule
195Arthur Sheargold
196Bob Young
197Arthur Brookes
198Teddy Peers
199Rev Billy Jordan

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