In Memory Of Frank

Waggy Going Back Into Print

Frank Munro playing at Coventry early in his Wolves career.

Dave Wagstaffe, having entertained Wolves fans with the story of his own life in football, is now doing the same in tribute to Frank Munro.

The revered winger is continuing a project he started with his long-time former Molineux pal more than two years ago and hopes to bring out his second book sometime next season.

“It would have been lovely for us to have been able to get this published so Frank could have enjoyed seeing it,” Waggy told us when we met him today.

“But, after we lost him the year before last, I decided I’d still like to carry on and see it through in his memory.

“We spent many happy hours together chatting over our times both at Wolves and with the other clubs we each played for.

“He was an outstanding player, who was very popular with the fans, and I hope we can do him justice in print.”

Wagstaffe is again being helped in this follow-up project by his good friend Steve Gordos. The former Express & Star sports editor has himself written several previous Wolves books, including biographies of Peter Knowles and Peter Broadbent, and co-wrote one with David Harrison on Derek Dougan.

Dave creative mood.

“Steve is doing a lot of the research and checking of facts and generally making sense of what I’ve come up with,” added the author of Waggy’s Tales.

“I don’t type for a start. I write everything long hand, so his help is invaluable. We haven’t finalised yet how we are going to present the book but it will reflect the fact that he has had quite an input.”

The Munro biography is due to be out this year or next and will have another highly familiar name on its cover or introductory pages. The foreword is being written by John Richards.




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