Kindo In Countdown To Popular Return

Matches Aplenty For Speedy Forward

Steve Kindon in Burnley’s claret and blue……

Steve Kindon is making light of his medical problems by attending a healthy number of early-season games – and vowing to be back at Molineux as soon as possible.

The former Wolves forward, who was an onlooker at the Former Players Association golf day at Oxley Park 11 days ago, has been at a trio of matches involving both of his other old clubs, Huddersfield and Burnley, in the opening weeks of 2022-23.

“I haven’t been to Wolves yet but hope to go as soon as I can,” he said. “One problem I have is that it can mean me being out of the house for almost 12 hours if I am doing any kind of corporate work and I am asked to be there early and leave late.

“I am happiest now just going to a game to watch rather than work but I tell people at my clubs they shouldn’t feel embarrassed if someone lets them down and they need me at short notice.

“I am not in the best condition at present and apologise if I am taking a while to answer the phone and then get my breath back. I don’t know how I am going to be from day to day, which is why I have apologised for saying I daren’t commit to being at Sammy Chung’s funeral.

“But I have done well with match days and even saw a pre-season game at Huddersfield because I was on the phone to someone at the club when they told me there was a behind-closed-doors friendly later that day, which I went over to see.

“I also saw Burnley there in the first League game and have made a couple of trips to Turf Moor. That is much closer for me than Wolves and I can also turn up there just before 3pm if I choose.

“But I love my visits to Molineux as well and look forward to being there when I can to catch up with the good friends I have in the West Midlands.”

Kindon, who was restricted to watching from a buggy at a golf day he attended at Nelson, Lancashire, on Sunday, is a less frequent watcher at his local club, Blackpool, his Bloomfield Road memories hardly being enhanced when he watched from the seats occupied by Huddersfield’s travelling support and found himself having to stand up throughout the 90 minutes!

…..and the gold and black of Wolves.

“Although a few of my friends up here are Blackpool supporters, I don’t have the same interest in them – nor in other local clubs like Fleetwood and Preston – as I do in those I played for,” he added.

“I am not that keen on Blackpool’s ground either but I used to be very friendly with Jimmy Armfield and knew him through doing forums and dinners together.

“I don’t have memories of playing there more than once for Wolves but do recall being directly up against Jimmy when I went there with Burnley and he had the misfortune to encounter me as a very fit and young left-winger!”

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