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Corica, Lambert And Others – Revealing Insights

New Take On Former Men Of Molineux

Having given a praising mention last week to Martin O’Neill’s new autobiography, we are more than happy to follow up with this second piece that we hope will further interest our readers. The 350-page publication, by Macmillan, is very much top end of the table as football life stories go and has surprised us with the number of Wolves-related references.

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Kelly’s Eye On Bitter Dispute

Full-Back Offered Insight Into Pay Row

Thankfully the current wave of industrial action around the UK does not include any threat of footballers casting aside their boots but older fans might remember when the prospect of a players’ strike was very real. Just after the end of what we recognise as Wolves’ halcyon 1949-60 period, a bitter dispute over wages brought the British game to the brink of a standstill before talks cleared the air and led to the abolition of the frequently-aired maximum wage.

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Flying High – Thanks To Chung’s Wolves

Majorca Celebrations Part Two For A Clough Squad

It has been well recorded that Derby’s players were in Majorca and their manager, Brian Clough, in the Scilly Isles when Wolves made them champions by beating Leeds in May, 1972. Less famously, when Wolves did Cloughie another huge favour by winning at Bolton on the last day of 1976-77, a tension-ridden Nottingham Forest party was at 30,000 feet and also heading for some Spanish sun.

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The Final Word – Wolves To Win

How The Cup Crystal Ball Worked….

‘I pick Wolves’, wrote Roy Peskett. Well done him on correctly predicting the broad outcome. ‘It could and probably will be the most exciting final for years,’ he also said. Oh dear, that forecast definitely didn’t come good.

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Dear Diary Entry 135

Monday, December 12:

Enjoyed writing an article about John Barnwell and Wolves’ victorious 1979-80 League Cup adventure for my long-time friend, Martyn Pritchard, who is producing a charity booklet on the former Wolves manager. Any excuse to pen a few words for a readership on those happy days is not to be missed.

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Price Is Right

Clear Heads Required – It’s Departure Day For Jack

Jack Price is ready for the next and possibly final phase of his American adventure after a long break back home in the Midlands. The bearded midfielder turned 30 just before Christmas and will have spent six years in football in America when his contract with Colorado Rapids runs out next December.

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