Spotlight On The Seventies

New Book Promises A Colourful New Look

The provisional and striking front cover.

A new book offering a different and detailed look at Wolves in the 1970s comes out early next month.

The publication, which contains several hundred photos and has colour on every page, is written by David Instone and takes readers on a season-by-season journey through a dramatic Molineux decade.

The club reached a European final, lifted a major trophy plus the Texaco Cup, lost in two other semi-finals, suffered a relegation, won a divisional championship and broke the British transfer record before lifting the League Cup for the second time.

It was a thrilling, colourful and at times problematic period which is now revisted in a way supporters won’t have seen before.

“There are no new interviews and no skeletons in the cupboard,” the author said. “It is a more gentle walk through the years to remind fans what an interesting time it was – with plenty of new observations along the way.

“We think the way the text, pictures, newspaper cuttings and other keepsakes are presented makes it very attractive and a nice book to have on the coffee table close to hand.

“There hasn’t been another Wolves book like it and it has been a pleasure to put it together during the different lockdowns. Very early on, we decided that 75 per cent of the profits would go to charity, so fans who support the venture will be supporting some very good causes.”

The £16.99 book, called A Wolves 1970s Scrapbook, is dedicated to two hugely-missed Molineux figures, Graham Hughes and John Hendley, and the author added: “They would have loved it!

“It is pure nostalgia and will hold so many happy memories for fans who lived through those seasons and, I’m sure, educate those who are too young but are keen to learn about the Wolves sides they have only heard about.

“This publication is not going to be on sale in the shops, through the club or Amazon. The best way to order it is by emailing us through Wolves Heroes.”

And what the back is likely to look like….

The publishers are promising to keep buyers updated later in the distribution process about which charities are being supported.

Those who want to order A Wolves 1970s Scrapbook and have it sent to them at UK addresses will be charged a further £3.20 for postage and packaging. Anyone interested overseas should contact us for the rate.

We have also been busy promoting this title in the various Wolves fans’ groups on Facebook, so more information is available there.

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