To Absent Friends

Floyd’s Moving Message

A hard life - but someone has to do it.

Floyd Streete has sent his old Wolves pals a heart-felt message from afar and asked them to raise a glass to absent friends when they meet this week.

The defender, one of the powerful cornerstones of the side who won back-to-back lower-division titles as well as the Sherpa Van Trophy, misses tomorrow’s reunion bash for Graham Turner’s players at Molineux as he is currently working in the Cayman Islands.

But he has sent his best wishes by e-mail – and is happy to hand this particular ‘window’ over to him as he also reflectes on sad news:

“Wow! Twenty years have flown by. It only seems like yesterday. Unfortunately, I am unable to be with my old team, friends and supporters.

“I currently reside in the Caribbean, the sunny part of the world. My bones are worn out, so I need the climate. The rum is just a bonus….

“This is a day of reminiscing a wonderful, joyous occasion, tinged with sadness after learning recently that our jovial goalkeeper Mark Kendall had passed away. Mark would love to have been there with all of you. Please send his family my condolences.

“It’s funny…..I just received an e-mail from a fan who might be there with you. He sent me some pictures he wanted me to sign. Yeh, I still get fan-mail!

Floyd 1980s style.

“One was the team picture from the dressing room after we won the Fourth Division championship. I hadn’t seen that in 20 years and it was very nice to show it my wife and children, although their main comment was: ‘Why are the shorts so ugly and tight and why are you drinking champagne from tea cups?’ Times has changed, I guess.

“I am keeping myself busy. I have a company that’s doing well and have recently started my own soccer club focusing mainly on grass-roots level. So, if any of you old geezers fancy doing a guest clinic here, let me know and we’ll sort something out.

“I hope you all have a fantastic evening. Have a toast on me. I wish I could be there but, as we say in the West Indies, soon come. If you are ever in the Cayman Islands, call me.

“See you next year in the Premiership.

“All the best and lots of love. Floyd.”

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