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First-Class Male: A Safe Delivery

Baby-sitting comes a little easier these days to John Richards and his wife Pam.

The arrival of tiny Oscar means they now have a UK-based grandson to go with the two grand-daughters they have on the other side of the world.

Until a few weeks ago, a cuddle with the smallest members of the Richards clan, Emma and Lydia, required a visit to Melbourne, Australia.

That’s where the couple’s elder daughter Kim settled after meeting Tim, now her husband, on a year-long back-packing trip following her student days.

But younger daughter Abbie has recently given birth to Oscar and she at least lives in England – at Bingley, Yorkshire – with her husband Ian.

“It’s still not exactly on the doorstep but obviously it’s much easier to drive up to Yorkshire than fly to Australia,” John said.

“Having said that, we’re very lucky to be able to get over to Australia fairly regularly to spend some time with them. And this year we have the bonus of the Aussie side of the family coming to stay with us for Christmas, which Pam and I are really looking forward to. As you can imagine, we will be having a very special get-together”

In adding our congratulations to the growing happy family, www.wolvesheroes.com expresses the wish that Oscar possesses his grandfather’s feet and quick brain – but doesn’t find the job of scoring 194 goals for Wolves such a strain on his knees!

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