West Indies, 1964

Guns, ‘Gay Hats’ And Goals

Cricketers have been touring the Caribbean for decades but there was something unusual about the sweltering visit Wolves made to the region in the final months of Stan Cullis’ reign. Trips by football clubs to the West Indies were even rarer then than they are now, so players the manager had taken to the United States, Canada and South Africa in previous summers were entering the unknown when they flew out of London some three weeks after the 1963-64 Molineux campaign had ended with successive 4-0 victories over Fulham and Bolton.

Australia, 1972

The Mother Of All Tours

Can there ever have been a football trip like it? America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia all in one go. Twelve matches in three countries in 29 days. Players wouldn’t stand for it today, not to mention managers, sports scientists, nutrionists and fitness coaches. And the carbon footprint would be extra extra large.

Denmark/Sweden, 1994

Wolves' victory over Hvidovre in Copenhagen.

A Scoring Spree In The Sun

It was a trip too many for Graham Taylor, who didn’t really want to be there at all. By the time he was appointed by Wolves in the spring of 1994, the recently deposed national manager was done with airports and language barriers, and was going through a phase of believing that the best journeys were those he could make without the need for his passport.

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