Found Him!

Success At Last In Search For Title Winner

Ron Stockin….. reward at last.

We are delighted to announce that we have finally been successful in our number one winter mission.

After several months of trying, we have located the whereabouts of Ron Stockin, the early 1950s Wolves player for whom we hope to belatedly obtain a League Championship winner’s medal.

Our regular readers will know that it was in December that we knocked the door of the West Bromwich address we had for the former inside-forward.

But it proved to be a former home, rather than a current one, and we were reduced to leaving messages which we hoped would be forwarded to him and his partner.

When they remained unanswered for several weeks, we were ready to admit defeat in our search – one we know had caused considerable interest and curiosity among Wolves supporters.

Then, to our delight, we received a phone call out of the blue a few days ago from Ron’s daughter and were delighted to share the news that due recognition was in the offing for his football deeds approaching 70 years ago.

We hope to bring you much more on this story in the coming weeks and, above all, to write a happy final chapter to it.

Peter Broadbent….the man who did most to curtail Ron Stockin’s stint as a Wolves inside-forward.

Players who were considered to have fallen short of the qualification mark for a medal in past decades are now being sought so they can be suitably rewarded after a rethink by the game’s authorities.

Ron, who turns 90 in June, played six matches when Wolves beat Albion to the First Division crown in 1953-54 and is the oldest of the players around the country who are being tracked down for medals retrospectively.

He is also the oldest surviving former Wolves player and faced Burnley (A), Manchester City (A), Sunderland (A), Newcastle (A), Preston (H) and Albion (H) in the club’s first championship-winning campaign, having played 15 games and scored seven goals the previous season.

Ron has two sons as well as the daughter who visited him this week from her home in Northamptonshire and who passed on the happy news to him.

He also played for Walsall, Cardiff and Grimsby, having been born in West Brom and started as an amateur with Albion.

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