Adding To The Decorations

Stand By For A Happy Announcement

Are Wolves destined for something special to celebrate at the very start of the year, irrespective of their result at Brighton on Saturday? Is another major award on the way to Molineux….one that even points or victories can not directly bring about?

In Praise Of Mike

‘Everybody Liked Him’ – Striker Andy

Mike Bailey has been in the thoughts of all Wolves fans recently – but not for what happened almost 40 years ago. The one return he made to Molineux in charge of another club was a winning one that seriously damaged the prospects of the squad John Barnwell was struggling to keep out of danger.

A Christmas Like No Other

Another Reminder Of What We’re Missing

In wishing all of our readers a happy and very SAFE festive period, we can hardly help but look back on what normally makes football at this time of year so special. Boxing Day, December 27 or December 28 is probably the most eagerly anticipated date on the calendar after the opening day of a season and, with Wolves at home to Tottenham on Sunday, we can only wonder what a full and vibrant Molineux would have felt like as a way of releasing us from the Yuletide excesses.

Devine Intervention

Living The Dream In Decade Of Success

He loved the team and club and he loved the whole football thing.” It is not a unique expression of commitment to Wolverhampton Wanderers but Gerry Devine was in a better position than most to observe and influence Molineux matters.

A Clamp Conundrum

New Evidence Unearthed About Legendary Hard-man

“I’d always supported Wolves, so when I got the chance to join them, I took it with both feet.” That is how the headline ran in an article in Charles Buchan’s Football Monthly in 1956-57 season. The subject was Eddie Clamp. Fast forward a couple of seasons and the same magazine had an article penned by the legendary Wolves chief scout George Noakes.

Take Your Seats, Please

Duo’s Role In Ground-Breaking Fixture

Two influential Wolves figures of the 1960s have been named as participants in what is said to have been the first game in England to have been played in an all-seater stadium. Not long before becoming colleagues at Molineux, Ronnie Allen and John Holsgrove were Crystal Palace team-mates for the first of an unusual series of friendlies against West Ham that have recently been ‘revisited’ more than half a century on.

A New Slant – By Birth

Placing The Present Into The Past

As a way of giving some context to the ages of the Wolves squad, we have delved back into the record books to see exactly what the club were doing when the present-day Molineux personnel were born. We should warn you that this exercise may make us all feel a little older but we hope it will prove to be of considerable interest, too, , with the players’ ages given in brackets.

Discreet, Delightful, Dutiful

Fond Memories Of A Departed Friend

What nuggets of information she was privy to….what a story she could have told! But Dot Wooldridge was too loyal to her beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers for that, so Sir Jack Hayward’s gentle teasing that she would one day write a best-seller about the club was no more than office banter.

Thanks A Lot, Bill

McGarry To Blame For Final Barrier In Wolves’ Bogey Side!

Remember all those difficult nights Wolves had against Tottenham in the early 1970s? It seems Bill McGarry might have been part of the problem! One of the common denominators in Wolves’ year-on-year big-match struggles against these particular opponents was the formidable barrier provided by Spurs’ outstanding keeper Pat Jennings.

Dear Diary Entry 110

JR Looking Forward To ‘Revenge Mission’

Monday, November 9: Enjoyed a text exchange with my Wolves Heroes co-owner John Richards on the day of his 70th birthday and was not surprised to hear that the celebrations had been somewhat muted.

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