80 Tomorrow – The Man Who Lit Up Young Lives

Deano Urges Support For His Boyhood Idol

Dean Edwards in his post-playing era.

Dean Edwards continues to go the extra mile for his first Molineux hero – and is rallying Wolves fans into making an imminent milestone birthday an extra-special event.

Edwards attributes his love of all things gold and black to the massive impression left on him by Hugh Curran during his early match-day trips to the ground as a boy.

The Wulfrunian went on to earn a place of his own in the club’s attack a decade and a half later and says he drew major inspiration from a man who had tried his luck at Manchester United as a youngster and became a full international.

“Hugh was an outstanding player and a real hero to so many of us,” he said. “He scored 47 goals in 98 Wolves games, which is some ratio – better even than King John.

“It’s an unbelievable record really and one of the best. My best memory of him is an overhead kick against Norwich at the North Bank End that sealed my affection for Wolves, Hughie and the striker appreciation society.

“He turns 80 tomorrow and I hope supporters who think like I do about him will comment on the Hugh Curran Appreciation Society group I set up on Facebook and remind him and his family what he meant to us.

“He is suffering from dementia these days but I know from the conversations I’ve had with his daughter, Jane, that he would be greatly lifted to know people up here still think so much of him. So please get posting and, to him, I say: ‘Keep fighting, Legend, like only Wolves know how!'”

So keen has Edwards been to repay some of the childhood admiration he felt for one of Bill McGarry’s best signings that he has previously offered him a holiday if he could get down to Torquay.

The offer remains on the table and we at Wolves Heroes send the Scot our very best wishes for his landmark birthday tomorrow and join in with the chorus urging others to do the same.

Our co-owner, John Richards, has played a part by stepping forward and filming himself paying tribute to Hugh. Included in his address, which is one of several being channelled through Steve Daley to the birthday boy, was the comment: “I still remember playing alongside you at Albion on my debut in 1970 and seeing you score one of the best headed goals I have ever seen.”

Hugh Curran during his excellent Wolves career more than 50 years ago.

We are also proud of having been the ones to track down Hughie around ten years ago after he had disappeared off the Molineux radar for decades.

We established that he was working in the office of a park-and-ride near Oxford and have paid two visits to him down there as well as connecting him to others, with his permission.

For the benefit of those who do not use Facebook, we are happy to receive any submitted comments and forward them to the Curran family.


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